What are the functions that gangs fulfill the needs they meet

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Gangs in America

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Gangs form because they fulfill unmet needs for their members. I believe there is an obvious connection between discrimination and several of the other causes of gang formation presented in Into the Abyss.

Good schools require a solid tax base and poor neighborhoods can not meet this requirement. Without a robust economy. How Could You Arrange to Meet the Needs That Gangs Fulfill in Ways That Minimize Violence and Encourage Youth to Follow Mainstream Norms? Essay Urban Gangs in the United States”, it says that the functions that gangs fulfill or motives for joining gangs is to possible to escape to broken home, but many members that join still /5(1).

What are the functions that gangs fulfill (the needs they meet)? Suppose you have been hired as an urban planner for the city of Los Angeles.

How could you/5(K). Full text of "Juvenile justice and delinquency prevention and runaway youth: hearings before the Subcommittee on Equal Opportunities of the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Ninety-third Congress, second session, on H.R.

and H.R. See other formats. What Are The Functions That Gangs Fulfill The Needs They Meet. ISSUES WITH GANGS IN AMERICA Heather Everest University Principles of Sociology Sheila Farr ISSUES WITH GANGS IN AMERICA Gang violence has been a problem in America for a long time.

At one time researchers thought that gang’s only affected poor urban areas. On the one hand, they fear the violence. On the other hand, many of the adults once be-longed to gangs, some gangs provide better protection than the police, and gang members are the children of people who live in the neighborhood.

Particular gangs will come and go, but gangs will likely always remain part of the city/5(K).

What are the functions that gangs fulfill the needs they meet
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Into the Abyss: Why Gangs Form