What are the effects of computer

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What Are the Effects of a Computer Virus?

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How Computer Addiction Works

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Another main effect of computer viruses is the modification of files on a hard drive or other writable media. Seeing new and unknown files, folders or applications appear on a computer's hard drive is one possible sign of a computer virus.

6 worst health problems common with computer use Do you spend more than 4 hours in front of the computer? Here are practical tips for common health issues related to computer use.

What Are the Positive and Negative Effects of Computers? A: Viruses spread from one computer to another throughout a computer network, leading to loss of data and damage to hardware.

List of the Effects of Computer Viruses

Learn more about Computers & Hardware. Positive and Negative Effects of Urban Development. Computer addiction can have a variety of negative effects on a person. The most immediate are social. The user withdraws from friends and family as he spends more and more time on the computer.

Relationships begin to wither as the user stops attending social gatherings, skips meetings with friends and avoids family members to get more computer time.

In a classroom full of students texting away on their smartphones, the effects of computer technology can be readily observed.

Negative Effects of Computers in the Workplace

Vast amounts of information are now literally at students fingertips. Instructors make use of digital multimedia tools to illuminate their lessons. The negative effects associated with computer use can be largely eliminated through proper supervision of computer use.

Thus, it is important that educators, parents, and other adults who work with children become computer literate and understand ways to guide children to .

What are the effects of computer
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