The reasons why the jewish people were being exterminated in germany

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Why Did Hitler Hate Jews And Want To Eliminate Them?

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Why Did Adolf Hitler Hate the Jews?

Being very conciencous of their identity they didn't assimilate into the nations who accepted them on their territories (Poland was until the XVIII century the biggest jewish refuge in the world).

Further more they 'dared' to get rich and educated. There were several reasons, the most important being: Most Germans were Christian, and many believed that all generations of Jews bore a share of blame and/or guilt for the killing of Jesus. Elsewhere in Europe, people generally stood by passively and watched as Jewish families were marched through the streets toward waiting trains, or in some cases, actively participated in Nazi persecutions.

Just being Jewish guaranteed persecution. A.D.

Responsibility for the Holocaust


The Nazi hatred of the Jews

A.D. Another libel circulating was that unclean leprous people were expelled from Egypt, and that the Jews were these people. Therefore, being foreigners, it was stated that the Jews had no right to claim ancient Israel as.

Responsibility for the Holocaust

According to the latter group of historians, the “race war” against the Soviet Union, which began intook place in a specific historical context, where it became possible to kill people – Jews, Poles and Russians – in a new and terrible manner.

Wholesale physical extermination was envisaged only some months after Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Juneand extended to all Jews in Europe (as opposed to the Jews in the USSR, who were already being exterminated at that time, as were the Jews in the Warthegau pursuant to an initiative of Gauleiter Greiser with Himmler’s.

The reasons why the jewish people were being exterminated in germany
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The History Place - Genocide in the 20th Century: The Nazi Holocaust