The official language of the united

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Languages of the United States

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What is the Official Language of the United States?

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The United States’ Official Language

American Sign Language is known by approximatelypeople. In opinion, the US has no different language. Welcome to, your online resource for research, statistics and the latest news surrounding the issue of making English the official language of the United States.

Languages of the United States

As the nation's oldest and largest non-partisan citizens' action group. May 20,  · A lot of multilingual countries promote an official language, but the United States has never done so with English.

In fact, the US has no official language. The speech is interpreted simultaneously into the other official languages of the UN. At times, a delegate may choose to make a statement using a non-official language.

Official language

An official language is a language given a special legal status in a particular country, state, or other jurisdiction. Typically a country's official language refers to the language used within government (judiciary, legislature, administration).

Dr. Wayne Wright, a professor of language and literacy at Purdue University told CNN in June that English-official rules and regulations have a long, discriminatory history in the United States. [T]rying to force people in the US to speak English is not new.

When and why do U.S. states make English their official language? such legislation is quite common in the United States. Thirty-one states have adopted English as their official language, most.

The official language of the united
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