The issue of feminism in antigone a play by sophocles

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What are some quotes from Antigone that represent the theme Man VS Woman (women's role in society)?

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In Antigone, the best of Creon is revealed. Jul 01,  · Antigone is a play that was written in ancient Greece by the playwright Sophocles. It is the third play in a trilogy of tragedies about the city-state of Thebes, revolving around Oedipus Rex. Antigone is a play written by Sophocles during the period of transition in the Greek city states.

The epical conflicts between Antigone and Creon are as. In Sophocles' Greek tragedy, Antigone, both roles greatly impact the base, moral, idea, and conflict of the play. It is crucial to place a consideration of the time this Greek play was written because of.

Antigone by Sophocles existed before the word ''feminism,'' but that doesn't mean it can't illustrate some of its main tenets. Through the character of Antigone, Sophocles asserts some important.

The Play "Antigone" was written by Sophocles. But what would it of been like if it was written by a female author?

How is feminism projected in the play?

This quote is one of the first representations of feminism in the play. The challenge represents an act of rebellion towards Creon’s laws and during Antigone’s first interaction with Creon in the play she exhibits a very bold and firm tone in regards to her opinion. “I’ve been accused of a folly by a fool” (Sophocles ).

The issue of feminism in antigone a play by sophocles
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