The influence of realism on literature

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The Influence of Realism and Naturalism on 20th Century American Fiction After World War I, American people and the authors among them were left disillusioned by the effects that war had on their society.

America needed a literature that would explain what had happened and what was happening to their society. Well, Realism in American literature, which lasted fromwas a reaction to and a rejection of Romanticism.

In order to really understand the. Realism coincided with Victorianism, yet was a distinct collection of aesthetic principles in its own right. The realist novel was heavily informed by journalistic techniques, such as objectivity and fidelity to the facts of the matter. Realism in Literature. The Realist painting movement ran parallel to the Realist movement in literature, exemplified in the work of writers like Honore de Balzac, Champfleury, and Emile Zola.

Influence of Realism on Literature

Realist authors recognized in the artistic movement the shared desire to divorce from tradition and celebrated it, contributing to its success.

Well, Realism in American literature, which lasted fromwas a reaction to and a rejection of Romanticism.

Influence of Realism on Literature

In order to really understand the weight of this last statement, it's time to.

The influence of realism on literature
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