The game of pig portfolio

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The Game of Pig

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The Game of Pig Portfolio

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Game of PIG - Sixes

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The UK's only dedicated pig & poultry industry event. One of the UK’s most in demand British male voice overs, working with the world's biggest brands including Apple.

Multiple VOX Award Winner for best male voice over and finalist for 3 SOVAS Voice Arts Awards in Hollywood. Voice heard on television, radio, apps, video games, game trailers, virals, explainer videos and the movie trailer voice. Quick, easy with a fast delivery of wavs or mp3's. The Game of Pig Practice thinking strategically as you roll the dice.

By Marilyn Burns. PRINT; EMAIL; What you need: • two dice • pencil • paper.

Willem Boshoff

What to do: 1. Two or more family members take turns rolling two dice. 2. On a turn, you or your child(ren) roll the dice as many times as you want, mentally keeping a running total of the sum.

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It is best on venison, duck, elk, squirrel, beef brisket, and sausage.

The game of pig portfolio
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