The effect of parent socio economic

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Parenting Styles & Socio-Economics

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Influence of Socio-Economic Status of Parents on Academic Performance Of Students

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The Effect of Parent Socio Economic Status on the Academic Performance of Primary School Pupils Words | 10 Pages. of the study is to investigate the impact of the parents’ social status or class on the academic performance of the pupils.

It focused on analyzing effect of parent’s socio-economic status on students’ academic achievement in secondary schools in Hamisi sub-county, Vihiga – Kenya with focus on students who score high grades in primary school’s KCPE vis-à-vis what they achieve at KCSE.

For socio-economic impact of road

The Effect of Socioeconomic Characteristics on Parent and Child Outcomes About the Author Based in Los Angeles, Deborah Stambler has been writing about social issues, the arts and parenting since Parental Socio-Economic Status: Parental socio-economic status has no significant effect on the academic performance of students as shown in the table II.

International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences. Mar 21,  · Childhood circumstances such as socio-economic status and family structure have been found to influence psychological, psychosocial attributes and Oral Health Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) in children.

THE EFFECT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS ON ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT A Thesis by Jennifer Barry Bachelor of Arts, Wichita State University, Submitted to the Department of Sociology.

The effect of parent socio economic
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