The black plague a harbinger of death in europe

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Black Death

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First Aid (G1)

Melissa Snell Inonly a few parts of Greece and Italy had experienced the horrors of the plague. By June ofnearly half of Europe had met the Black Death in one form or another. The eastern side of the Triangle is bordered by the North Sea, running the length of the A coast road from Gristhorpe and Filey Brigg along to Flamborough Head and Bridlington Bay.

Poster used during the plague epidemics, showing Death as triumphant. These posters were placed outside the houses where there were plague victims. (Wikimedia Commons) Origins of the Plague in Medieval Europe. Between andone of the largest epidemics of the plague in the history of Europe broke out.

The Black Death arrived on European shores in Bythe year it retreated, it had felled a quarter to half of the region’s population. In, andit struck again—as it would periodically well into the 18th century.

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The black plague a harbinger of death in europe
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