The bizarre 2016 election in the united states between clinton and trump

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Did Trump Win 3,084 of 3,141 Counties, Clinton Only 57?

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A bizarre election ends with a bizarre Electoral College tally

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US Election 2016 Results: Five reasons Donald Trump won

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As of this writing (noon on November 9, ), an estimated million young voters participated in the presidential election, which is 50% of citizens aged in the United States. We estimate that 13 million youth voted for Secretary Clinton and almost 9 million youth voted for Donald Trump.

The 11 states that will determine the election. Trump vs. Clinton may be an unusual matchup, but their coming battle will be fought on familiar terrain. Jul 16,  · Asked whether he believes his own intelligence agencies, which say that Russia interfered in the United States election, or Mr.

Putin, who denies it, Mr. Trump refused to say, but he expressed doubt about whether Russia was to blame. Watch video · Clinton gets million votes in states that she lost and trails Trump by million there. But in states she won she gets million votes, leading Trump by 3 million.

General Election: Trump vs.

Latest polls on Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election

Clinton. General Election.

The bizarre 2016 election in the united states between clinton and trump
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