The amazigh people and their way

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Amazigh Cultural Revival In North Africa – Analysis

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Berbers: The Empire Without Borders

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People Groups Amazigh, Siliana / in Amazigh, Siliana in Tunisia SHARE: The Amazigh, Siliana have only been reported in Tunisia.

Send us a photo of this people group As they passed, seeing the mosque in the distance, they would assume the village had already converted and continue on their way. Amazigh flag. The land on which the Amazigh live extends all the way from Egypt to the Canary Islands.

This land is called Tamazgha, and the Amazigh believe that it belongs to them. Byzantine authors mention the Mazikes (Amazigh) as tribal people raiding the monasteries of Cyrenaica.

Garamantia was a notable Berber kingdom that flourished in the Fezzan area of modern-day Libya, in the Sahara desert, between BC and AD. Roman era Cyrenaica became a center of early Christianity. However, all groups use the general name Amazigh, meaning free people, to denote their identity as indigenous Moroccans.

These groups have different (though sometimes related) languages, styles of dress, and customs. The Berbers or Imazighen of North Africa; Mazigh, Amazigh or Tamazight language; definition of Berber and etymology of Imazighen; Amazigh community: the native inhabitants of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Canary Islands, Niger and Mali; the Tuareg or Touareg people of the Sahara; Berber flag, calendar, genealogy, history, personalities, kings and queens.

The Berber language is known as "Berber" to Europeans and as "Shilha" to Arabs, while the Berbers themselves call their language Tamazight (the "gh" in the words Tamazight and Amazigh is pronounced as a sharp "r").

The language has a large number of dialects, due to the wide geographical separation of different Berber-speaking groups.

The amazigh people and their way
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