Freak dancing the newest dance craze

Vaudeville Theater Shows (1900’s)

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Are you aware of the latest dance craze?

Grinding (dance)

Freak dancing is sweeping the western world, thanks to the promotion MTV has given it over the past several years. Kids and school administrators clash over whether it's acceptable. A look at how several newspapers have reported the latest dance craze: "Just Freakin' the Night Away", Jan.

Adults try to put the shake on ice

18,The Washington Post. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on Feb 23,  · DANCE CRAZE Hip Hop Dance Class with Cesar Garcia. Here is an all time favorite from my class.

Its a club banger and so why not make it into a HOT FUN routine in class.

16 of the biggest dance crazes ranked, but which one gets us on the dance floor every time? Freak dancing the newest dance craze
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