A comparison on the pluralist views on what the curriculum in the school should include in multicult

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Chapter Moral Education

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Multicultural education

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Additionally, education should %(6). The curriculum of a school is the formal and informal content and process by which learners gain knowledge and understanding, develop skills, and alter attitudes, appreciations, and values under he auspices of that school (Doll, p15). The best practices include activities of “sharing”, “hearing”, “in-house training”, and “modeling real teaching” through their school curriculum in the six regencies and cities of West Java Province falling into the category of insufficient of.

this paradigm views the. 9) The curriculum for the first four years of school life should be general, in the sense of providing a common equipment for life and citizenship for all pupils, with the fullest use of the local environment as a starting point and as a source of interests and materials in furthering the educative process.

A COMPARISON OF CHRISTIAN SCHOOL AND PUBLIC SCHOOL consequently, differing Christian and public school philosophies should lead to different practices. However, some researchers have questioned if Christian education is “truly convergent or divergent views of the teaching of logical thinking?

“Come now, and let us reason together.

Multicultural education

Examples of the variety of ways in which pluralism is being practiced, taught and expanded include the following methods. COMMUNITY Innovative programs which have turned to opening the lines of communication to the community have produced remarkable results.

Who should decide what children are taught? A comparison on the pluralist views on what the curriculum in the school should include in multicult
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